ATELIER 1985/ Architecture/ Design/ Landscape 

We are an architecture design studio, based in Panama City since 2007, with an emphasis on contemporary tropical design.  We understand a successful design as one that is customized and tailored to suit the user’s needs, a view that results in a never-ending quest to create pieces and spaces that satisfy specific needs and serve specific purposes.  Having this mission present at all times, we have been able to build our existing design portfolio that ranges from interiors to individual homes, commercial plots, residential complexes, large scale master plans and hotels. @atelier.1985 


Gabriel Wong

Managing Partner/ Director of Design

Founder and managing partner of Atelier 1985. Trained as an architect in ISTHMUS, his alma mater, where he is also a professor of design and drawing. An accomplished artist, his drawing and sketching skills have become key elements for Atelier 1985, providing a unique means of expression and allowing for a free flow of creativity, whilst ensuring that every client and every project receive the personal attention they deserve.

To check out some of his art, visit @gabewong1


Tabea Esser

Partner/ Director of Administration

Director of administration of Atelier 1985. Born in Germany and raised in the Canary Islands (Spain), with a background in business management and consulting, she joined the firm to bring her knowledge and expertise as a balancing act to the creative process.

Her work is focused on administrative processes with the occasional stint into interior design projects and consultations on the efficient use of space.